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A novel approach to a possible remedy

10 Jul 2017

Take part in a phone app study to reduce tremor.

Boston Scientific receives CE Mark for Vercise Gevia deep brain stimulation system to treat Parkinson's disease

14 Jun 2017

Boston Scientific has received CE mark for the Vercise Gevia Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) System.


Surgery that could cure shaky hands

11 Jun 2017

A million Britons suffer from uncontrollable shaking. Selwyn Lucas, 53, a painter and decorator from St Austell, Cornwall, talks to Sophie Goodchild about undergoing a pioneering treatment.

Sophie Goodchild, Daily Mail

INSIGHTEC receives FDA approval for Exablate Neuro for 1.5T MRI in the treatment of essential tremor

24 May 2017

INSIGHTEC have announced that the FDA has approved its Exablate Neuro system for use in the non-invasive treatment of essential tremor.

PR Newswire

Treasurer/Trustee required by National Tremor Foundation - home based

15 May 2017

The NTF is seeking to appoint an additional Trustee to the board in the role of treasurer.

Can exercise help me with stress and tremor?

8 May 2017

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, so we will be looking at how stress and anxiety can worsen tremor and how exercise can help.

Running to make a real difference

6 May 2017

Merane tells us about how she has found that running has helped her with her tremor and this year plans to run the Great North Run to raise funds for the NTF.

Easy-dress clothing label offers NTF members 10% off summer range

28 Apr 2017

Get ready for summer with easy-dress clothing label, The Able Label, offering NTF members and friends 10% off summer clothing.

How can Tai Chi help with my tremor?

28 Apr 2017

To celebrate World Tai Chi Day on Saturday 29th April, we will be looking at how the exercise and martial art, Tai Chi, can help you with your tremor.

Trustee's Financial Report Released

18 Apr 2017

Following the Trustee Meeting held on the 5th April, The National Tremor Foundation 2016 Trustee's Financial Report has been released.

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