NTF Advisory Panel

The NTF advisory panel are here to help all our members with their medical questions. If you wish to ask a medical question please email enquiries@tremor.org.uk with your question.


Professor Leslie J Findley

Chairman - Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Adviser

prof.jpgSenior neurologist at the Essex Neurosciences Unit, Queen's Hospital, Romford, Essex and Professor of Health Sciences (Neurology) at London University South Bank, Professor Findley's clinical and research interests include movement disorders and fatigue syndromes.

During the late 1970s, and 80s, my major research interest was on the essential tremor (ET) in terms of measurement, analysis and pharmacology which I carried out at the National Hospital, Queen Square.

During the 1980s and 90s, collaboration with the late Professor Bill Koller from Chicago, and subsequently Kansas City, USA led to the the creation of the International Tremor Foundation in the US, with the National Tremor Foundation UK a subsidiary.

In 1994 the National Tremor Foundation (UK) was founded as an independant national organisation. Our ambition was to provide support, information, education and fund research into tremor disorders of all types. Since then our numbers have grown slowly and steadily, and we are now entering the most exciting phase of development in our short history.

I have been Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and one of the medical advisers since the Foundation started and I look on the Foundation as a growing "family". The Board of Trustees now is strong and united, as is our small, and very efficient, headquarters staff. Our immediate plan is to develop and expand our website, publications and our communications, to launch us, in the next two years, into our most exciting phase of development.



Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Adviser

bain.jpgDr Bain is currently a Reader & Honorary Consultant in clinical Neurology, within the Division of Neurosciences at Imperial College London & Charing Cross Hospital.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Association of British Neurologists, Movement Disorder Society, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

An international authority on tremor, Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorders and deep brain stimulation, Dr Bain has authored over one hundred peer reviewed papers, reviews and editorials, 3 books and 13 book chapters.

He is a renowned speaker at over 100 congress, presentationing at national and international congresses including the European Congress of Neurology, World Congress of Neurology and World Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders.

Dr Bain has been a trustee to the National Tremor Foundation having co-founded the charity with Professor Leslie Findley, to facilitate knowledge of tremors, research into tremor and the care of people living with tremors.

My sincere hope is that over the next few years the National Tremor Foundation will grow to become a strong and positive force in the lives of people with tremor.


Huw Morris

Huw Morris is a senior lecturer and consultant neurologist at Cardiff University, the Royal Gwent Hospital and Cardiff and Vale Trust.  His clinical and research training took place at the National Hospital, Queen Square, the Mayo Clinic and the Western Pacific island of Guam. He was a PSP Association Clinical Research Fellow.  His main interests are Neurogenetics, Movement Disorders and Dementia.  

He is currently engaged in projects looking at the genetics of PSP, Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and familial frontotemporal dementia/motor neuron disease and in the development of new therapeutic trials.  He is working on the genetics of essential and dystonic tremor together with a rare paediatric tremor disorder – myoclonus dystonia syndrome.


Tom Hughes

Dr Tom Hughes trained in the Royal London Hospital and after qualification in 1987 worked in (nearly) every hospital east of Whitechapel (Mile End, Barking, Chadwell Heath, King George in Ilford, Romford, Southend) before moving back to Wales in 1990.

His time with Professor Findley in Romford was good preparation for registrar jobs, and research with Professor Mark Wiles in Cardiff where Tom has been a consultant since 1999.  

His interests include the neurology of speech and swallowing, acute stroke, and the interface between diagnostic and enablement neurology.