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Freshers' week, booze and essential tremor

25 Sep 2017

Starting university, being away from home and having more freedom, to many is one of the best times of their life.

At work with tremor

18 Sep 2017

With people coming back from their holidays going back to work, some people with tremor will want to know what adaptions they can make at work. 

Scottish Tremor Support Group meeting announced

13 Sep 2017

On the 7th October the Scottish Tremor Support Group will be holding a meeting in Perth.

Congratulations Merane

11 Sep 2017

We would like to congratulate Merane Todd for completing the Great North Run on Sunday 10th September to raise awareness of essential tremor and funds for the NTF.

Q&A with Lord Julian Fellowes

5 Sep 2017

The NTF and IETF asked Lord Julian Fellowes, Honorary President of the National Tremor Foundation, about his experience with tremor and how it has affected his life.

Bullying and essential tremor

30 Aug 2017

Bullying at school is an issue that many with essential tremor and other disabilities may face. It can have devastating effects on your mental health, affect your studies and your life as an adult. However, there are things that you can do to stop it.

New support group announced

23 Aug 2017

We're pleased to announce that there will now be a new support group covering Salisbury and the south west. 

School uniforms and ET

18 Aug 2017

With only weeks to go until it’s ‘back to school’ and the start of a new term, parents and children will be looking to buy a new school uniform and clothes for PE.

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