Personal Stories

Read personal stories about people of all ages with all types of tremor.

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Having ET doesn't stop you being an artist

Norman Eason speaks about his passion for painting and living with tremor.

The shape of things to come

David Lowe, musician, disc jockey, journalist, actor and writer speaks creatively and candidly about his life with ET emphasising how important it is not to give up and, to always look for ways to meet the challenges.

A surgeon's story - dealing with tremor

Ashwinikumar Pawade, retired surgeon talks about his experience with tremor, the impact that it has had on his career and the journey that has led to something entirely different.

My Journey with essential tremor

70-year old Jackie shares her story about living with tremor as a dance teacher.

Ed's Story: Part Two

We catch-up with Ed now 24-years old, where he shares his experience with tremor, going to university and work.

Running to make a real difference

Merane tells us about how she has found that running has helped her with her tremor and this year plans to run the Great North Run to raise funds for the NTF.

My family and tremor

Simon opens up about tremor and how it has affected his family.

Antonia's story

16 year old Antonia opens up about her experience with essential tremor.

Mary's story

Mary opens up about her experience with essential tremor and deep brain stimulation surgery.

Through the eyes of a child

12 year old Shea, who was diagnosed when he was five with essential tremor, opens up about his experience going through school.

Through the eyes of a parent

Read Kitty Reilly's experience about being a parent with a child with essential tremor.

Tracey's story

Tracey shares her story about how tremor has affected her.

Claus and the Danish support group

Claus shares his story about living with tremor and how he setup the Danish support group.