An Introduction to the Trustees

Professor Leslie J Findley, Chairman - Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Adviser

Currently I am the senior neurologist at the Essex Neurosciences Unit, Queen's Hospital, Romford, Essex and Professor of Health Sciences (Neurology) at London University South Bank. My clinical and research interests include movement disorders and fatigue syndromes.

During the late 1970s, and 80s, my major research interest was on the essential tremor (ET) in terms of measurement, analysis and pharmacology which I carried out at the National Hospital, Queen Square. During the 1980s and 90s, I collaborated with the late Professor Bill Koller from Chicago, and subsequently Kansas City, USA; we both had the idea that there should be an international charity for tremor (in fact, I think I suggested it first!). Bill Koller founded the International Tremor Foundation in the US, and the National Tremor Foundation UK was a subsidiary. It soon became apparent that there were many advantages for having an independent national foundation in the UK, and in 1994 the National Tremor Foundation (UK) was founded. Our ambition was to provide support, information, education and fund research into tremor disorders of all types. During that time our numbers have grown slowly and steadily, and we are now entering the most exciting phase of development in our short history.

I have been Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and one of the medical advisers since the Foundation started and I look on the Foundation as a growing "family". The Board of Trustees now is strong and united, as is our small, and very efficient, headquarters staff. Our immediate plan is to develop and expand our website, publications and our communications, to launch us, in the next two years, into our most exciting phase of development.


Dr Peter Bain MBBS MA MD FRCP, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Adviser

I am currently a Reader & Honorary Consultant in clinical Neurology, within the Division of Neurosciences at Imperial College London & Charing Cross Hospital.

I am a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Association of British Neurologists, Movement Disorder Society, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

I am an international authority on tremor, Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorders and deep brain stimulation having authored 102 peer reviewed papers, reviews and editorials, 3 books and 13 book chapters. I have made over 100 congress presentations as an invited speaker at many national and international congresses including the European Congress of Neurology, World Congress of Neurology and World Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders.

I am a trustee to the National Tremor Foundation having co-founded the charity with Professor Leslie Findley, to facilitate knowledge of tremors, research into tremor and the care of people living with tremors. My sincere hope is that over the next few years the National Tremor Foundation will grow to become a strong and positive force in the lives of people with tremor.


Kevin Harfoot, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Treasurer

I come from Nelson, a small village near Cardiff in South Wales; am married to Denise and we have two children Gemma and Matthew . I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor in 1996 although I had had the symptoms for many years before that.

I have worked in accountancy for over 25 years, for sole traders, small business and large corporations and outside working hours, my hobbies centre on sport. I am a keen football fan and when I get a chance I try to follow my teams both home & away. During the summer months I try to watch as much cricket as I can.

I feel very proud and privileged to be involved in a truly worthwhile and rewarding charity. We have met many challenges in the years I have been involved & come through them embracing the changes they have brought, especially the challenges of social media & instant access to information via mobile phones, ipads etc.

I am sure we will continue to move forward, having witnessed many positive responses that our website & social media has brought in the past few years. Along with the increasing information now available on all types of tremor & in the public domain I am excited by what we could achieve in the next few years in regard to raising awareness.

Our financial support is the cornerstone of our development & we are always very grateful for all the donations we receive and the support given.

I joined the National Tremor Foundation board of trustees as Treasurer in February 2006, having been a member since 2004.  The finances of the Foundation are on a sound footing at the moment but during this time of recession any additional funding, donation or sponsorships are always welcome. We are always very grateful to our members for their subscriptions and donations.


John Kidney, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Legal Advisor

John KidneyI live at Cheddleton, near Leek in Staffordshire and I am the second of four sons of Neil and Doris who both worked in the pottery in dusty. My brother David is the Labour Member of Parliament for Stafford.

I have been a Solicitor for almost thirty years and deal mainly with defending people in the Magistrates Court. Prior to becoming a Solicitor, I worked for an insurance company and was a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

In the past, I worked on the Management Committee for Stoke on Trent Gingerbread organisation and helped them to achieve charitable status.

I became interested in the NTF when my wife was eventually diagnosed with OT and ET, and the first AGM that I attended was at Norwich. I am proud to be a Trustee of this important organisation; I just hope that I can be of some assistance to the foundation and its membership.


Lizzie Graham, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation

I am the Executive Director of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and have worked in the voluntary industry for nearly 30 years. I have worked with the EPDA since it was formed in June 1992. In November 2001 I was appointed to manage the organisation as well as develop its projects, activities, promotion and fundraising. In 2012, I retired as Secretary General to become EPDA’s Executive Director and an Executive Board Member, to oversee the EPDA’s continued development with special responsibility for EPDA’s work programme, finances, fundraising and communication.

I have been a Trustee of the NTF for nearly 10 years and during that time the voluntary sector has changed considerably due to the economic crash in 2008, and the development of a variety of communication channels,  and especially the importance of social media and digital communications. The NTF has therefore embarked on updating its existing website and appointing a digital content manager to ensure that the NTF can compete in the ever changing landscape of voluntary organisations. I hope that from 2017, the NTF can develop and grow so that it can support more than 1 million people living in the UK with many forms of Tremor.

I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to become a National Tremor Foundation Trustee. I hope that some of the lessons I have learned in the voluntary sector will help with the growth and expansion of the NTF. I am proud to be working with an excellent and committed group of people (Trustees and Head Office staff) who are very enthusiastic about the changes ahead.