novelA novel approach to a possible remedy

I am 77 years old and had for three years been suffering progressively from hand tremors. These had developed to a state where I was unable to carry a cup of coffee across a room without spilling it. My son, who has studied Tai Chi for more than 20 years and is a computer programmer combined these two skills to develop 'Smooth Move'.

Smooth Move is an app for Android Phones that has been successful in reducing my tremor to the point that without thinking, I can now carry coffee across the carpeted lounge without provoking the wrath of my wife. This is not quite a 100% fix though. It is still the case that occasionally in stressful situations, for instance while standing, holding a book or piece of paper, and addressing a group of people, I realise that my hand has started shaking a bit. At the point of this realisation though I can now exercise some control and reduce the tremor.

My son and I are looking for volunteers who will use Smooth Move regularly over a period of 6 months to see if this therapeutic approach is a more widespread remedy than just in my isolated case. We are grateful to The Tremor Foundation for allowing us to publicise this approach to what I am fully aware is a quite debilitating condition.

Participants in this trial will need an Android smartphone

  • An exercise set lasts around 7 minutes

  • The exercise should be practised daily

    • The set is repeated one, two or three times per day

    • Users can choose which they feel is best for them according to their daily routines –

    • I initially practised two to three times a day, and after 6 months switched to once a day

    • Odd days off are fine, but regular practice is essential

  • Within a 6 month study time

    • The first signs of benefit are anticipated after around 3 months

    • A clearer indication on the level of any benefit should start to accrue at 6 months

  • Our study seeks to cover sufferers of essential tremor involving the hands

    • Any other participants would be welcome, but we have no  indication if they would be helped

  • We have a basic website which volunteers could read more on

Thus it has no cost to participate, unless a volunteer needs to buy an Android smartphone to take part. It also doesn't take much time. I have no doubt that the time I invested was well rewarded.

We will be supporting volunteers to get started, answering questions as they arise, and gathering results data. We would also be interested if volunteers could help us refine the app to make it as easy to use as possible.

If you would like to participate please contact