A to Z of fundraising ideas 


AdobeStock 55811200A is for Asking

Get friends and family to either come along to your event, help set up or sponsor you. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

B is for Barbecue

Ask guests to pay a small entry fee or give a donation. Alternatively, hold your own bingo night.  

C is for Communicating

No one will turn up to a fundraiser if they don’t know about it. Talk to your local paper, radio station and stick up a few posters. Don’t forget to tell people why you are fundraising, who the NTF are and what you are doing.

D is for Disco, Dinner or Dance

Take your pick but most of all have fun.  

E is for eBay

Sell all your unwanted goods and send us a cheque at the end of it all!

F is for Film

Know someone with a large TV? Have a film marathon night, charge a nominal fee for entry, draw those curtains, sit back and relax. 

G is for Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, you may be eligible for Gift Aid, meaning for every £1 you donate, the NTF will be able to gain another 28p.

H is for House Party

The NTF has already got people having parties in their garden over the summer, so don’t stop there. Whether it’s a full on 72 hour boozy bender, a garden party or just an evening in with friends with board games, it still counts. 

I is for Information

Make sure you know about what we do and before telling others to sponsor you. Feel free to contact us if you need any material to help with the cause.

J is for Jumble Sale

Sell those items that are simply collecting dust at home, books, CDs, bric-a-brac, old computer games; one man’s tat is another man’s treasure. J is also for Just giving, one of the simplest and most popular ways to raise money online. 

K is for Karaoke

Power ballads, air guitar, fist pumping. Bring out the pop star in you and have fun. With games such as Sing star or Lips, holding your own karaoke night has never been easier.

L is for Local

Ensure that wherever you hold your fundraiser it's somewhere where people can get to. Think local libraries, shops, businesses, pubs and churches.  They will all play a role in making your event a success. 

M is for Media

Promote your own event through the local media.

N is for Netball tournament or Non-uniform day

at your school, college or office. 

O is for Office

Office fundraising or Office collection

P is for Parachute jumps

Get the ultimate adrenaline rush as you jump out of the plane and head earthbound for a great cause!

Q is for Quiz night

This is the ideal chance for people to show others how (un)intelligent they are. Pubs are ideal venues for this, so have a word with your local pub, find out when they have a quiet night, and most of all find a good quizmaster!

R is for Race Night

Get some footage of some old horse races, ask people to place bets, ask local businesses to donate a few prizes and you’re away! 

S is for Sponsors

Family and friends are ideal targets, but think outside the box - local businesses are also worth a try.

T is for Themes

People rarely need an excuse to get dressed up, so go wild. Eye patches, nurses, James Bond, London Underground stations, 80s parties, pink parties, the list goes on.

U is for Unwanted gifts

Loved ones don’t always get it right, so accept unwanted presents with good grace and then sell them on eBay or at a car boot sale and turn your throwaway gifts into a donation. Just don’t tell them.

V is for Vertigo

Get high, get really high. Try bungee jumping, kite surfing, abseiling, and make that rush of blood to the head a regular occurrence. 

W is for Walking

From your front door to the next town, up (and down) a mountain, around lakes and gorges, get a group of you together, do a pub walk and have a lot of fun along on the way. 

X is for X factor

Talent shows will give you and your friends a good chance to show the world (well, the people around you) how (un)talented you are. 

Y is for Young people

Get the whole family involved with whatever it is you’re doing to fundraise for the NTF.  Cubs, scouts and brownies are a good start.

Z is for Zest

Lemon peel is ideal for making the cakes in your cake sale just that little fruitier. Add walnuts to see what happens.

Do you want to take part in a new challenge? Have a look at our fundraising opportunities.