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The NTF hopes that the various information within this website will be helpful to you, your family and friends to make informed choices about how you live your daily lives.

We are trying to provide information that will help ease some of the concerns you may have about for example planning for the future, holidays abroad etc.

If you would like to speak with someone or find more information, or join a support group closer to where you live, the following groups may be able to help. 

Downloadable information

Neurological Tremor Information

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Essential Tremor Information Book

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Support Group Contacts

The National Tremor Foundation currently has a small network of local Support Groups across the United Kingdom. These groups are run by dedicated volunteers who give their time to offer support and information to anyone affected by a tremor condition living in their area.

Meetings can vary in frequency from regular monthly groups or on a casual basis perhaps three or four times a year. We realize not everyone can commit planning too far in advance. For example a few members in Southampton meet occasionally in a local garden centre café. As well as coffee & chat they also get to enjoy the plants! Would this idea or similar be something you could consider in your area?

Groups give people the opportunity to learn about their conditions, chat to people with similar problems, compare notes and pass on helpful hints and tips in a welcoming environment. They are not only about supporting one another, but also about having fun and making new friends.

If you would like further details on essential tremor support groups in your area or are interested in starting up a group, please contact NTF support groups co-ordinator Jackie Farrell on 07843 777288 or email

Essential Tremor

Jamie Goodland

Havering and Essex
Tom Schubert
01375 373993

Toby Howes
01508 498431

Tom and Joan Reader 
0151  475 3252

Katherine Phillips
07851 774182 

Larz Jackson

London and South
Jackie Farrell   
07843 777288 

Larz Jackson 

West Sussex
Jackie Farrell   
07843 777288 

Sheelagh Wurr

Yorkshire and Humberside
Merane Todd 

Ann Collins 


Central Scotland
New group launching 18 January 2020

Scott Pender

Mary Ramsay
07967 428036 

Primary Orthostatic Tremor

Alyson Farr
01794 324149

Advice for children

Kitty Reilly

Online Support Groups

We now run a number of online support groups.

NTF Facebook Support Group

Orthostatic Tremor Support Group