amandaAmanda is running the Yorkshire Marathon

Amanda is running the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 14th October for the NTF and to raise awareness of tremor. Amanda shares her story of living with tremor.

"My dad, Geoff,  was diagnosed with tremors at the age of 17 and it took him many years to be able to speak about it, even to family. He was perceived to be an alcoholic, especially as he worked in the nightclub trade and people assumed the tremors were due to withdrawal. As a child my brother and I didn't really notice the hand tremors but as we got older we became more aware but didn't really talk about them, just worked with them and around them.  His difficulties lie with eating, drinking, writing and general holding of things. We often cut up food, hold tight to glasses and assure him that it's ok to have tremors. Easy for us to say when we do not have them.

"My dad has researched cures such as medication, surgery and more recently cannabis oil and non invasive surgery but the only cure he found was alcohol! Not the best cure to continue daily life.....

"During his research he came across the National Tremor Foundation and was so reassured that he was not alone with his tremors. There is a surprisingly large amount of people affected, on varying scales. This knowledge gave my dad more confidence in being able to speak about and explain his tremors to friends, family and others much more openly and has led him to be further involved in the group on a local level. 

"I chose to run the Yorkshire Marathon for all the "movers and shakers" to raise money and awareness for this group."

The run will take  place around York on Sunday 14th October. Support her at Virgin Money Giving.

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