gyeoAnnual Conference success

The Annual Conference held on the 16th June at the Holiday Inn in Brentwood was a huge success.

The event saw over 60 people attend and attracted people come from all around the country.

There were presentations held by Professor Hawkes on ‘Do people with familial essential tremor live longer’; Dr Peter Bain on focussed ultrasound; Gyrogear founder, Faii Ong; NTF Support Group Coordinator, Jackie Farrell; and the NTF Chairman Kevin Harfoot.

Before the presentations the Orthostatic Tremor Support Group had a meeting where members were able to share their experiences with orthostatic tremor and support others.

Jackie Farrell, NTF Support Group Coordinator, gave a  small talk on support groups and mindfulness and its benefits to those with essential tremor.

During the conference, Professor Hawkes explained the research on long-life, tremor and Oragene Saliva. He explained that it is now possible to estimate your life expectancy by examining the DNA in saliva and specifically the end part of your chromosomes called the telomere. Basically the longer the telomere, the longer you should live.

Gyrogear founder, Faii Ong, presented the latest developments on the GyroGlove. The GyroGlove is a wearable device that is used to treat tremor using a gyroscope. It is designed to avoid the side effects from medications or alternatively the dangers of surgery

Dr. Peter Bain discussed the non-invasive, single treatment, MRI guided ultrasound. He compared the procedure to other treatments, and gave an update on his research and other developments in the field.

Following the success of the Annual Conference we look forward to the NTF’s next event.

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