Help aspiring designer produce her pen for tremor

18 year old A-Level Product Design student Olivia, is creating a weighted pen for people with essential tremor.

My grandmother who lives with me has essential tremor and has suffered from it for as long as I can remember. I wanted to help her as I see her struggling with doing day-to-day tasks such as writing.

So I decided to design a weighted pen that would help people with essential tremor for my A Level project. I have produced designs and will be building a prototype.

I am now looking for some feedback on the designs, so that I can improve them for a final prototype

Below are images of my three developed product designs, labelled 'A', 'B' and 'C'. Each of them are weighted pens, designed to help aid someone with a tremor to write with ease and comfort.







If you could answer just these quick questions below, it would really help me improve the product and make it the best it could be for the target market.

Do you live with essential tremor?
What do you think about the aesthetics of the product (how it looks visually)?
What do you think about the functionality of the product? (Would you use it?)
If you could improve anything, what would you change?
Please feel free to add any extra notes if you wish to!