IMG 8128Awareness day success

The NTF Awareness Day held on Saturday 25th March at Central Hall, London was the biggest yet.

The free event that marks UK’s second year of NETA, saw over 30 people attending the event.

Members and friends at the event had the opportunity to meet others and ask questions that may help with improving quality of life. This year’s event saw speakers from Gyrogear explaining about development of GyroGlove, and a presentation from Insightec the makers of the focused ultrasound machine used to treat essential tremor. FUS as it known for short is non invasive surgery and currently in trials for ET in London.

National Essential Tremor Awareness month, initially started in the USA to raise essential tremor awareness, but has recently spread to the UK and the rest of the world.

Organiser Jackie Farrell, said: 'We would like to thank all the people who joined us in London for the NETA event. We appreciated you taking the time to travel to Westminster on such a busy day in the area. The long distances some of you came were amazing including Ireland, Yorkshire, Cornwall and Kent. A huge thanks to our guest speakers Faii Ong founder of GyroGear and Matthew Walker from Insightec makers of the FUS machine.'

Geoff Salmon, NTF Administration Manager, said, ‘It was great meeting everyone and helping make the afternoon a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The turnout was impressive and we look forward to making next year’s event even bigger.'

Professor Findley, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Tremor Foundation, said: 'Awareness of essential tremor is growing slowly, but steadily, and I am delighted to see so many people across the world becoming involved in the National Essential Awareness month.'

After this success, the NTF looks forward to next year's event. If you would like to get involved in next NETA month 2017 and our awareness day please contact Jackie on