image1Congratulations Merane!

We would like to congratulate Merane Todd for completing the Great North Run on Sunday 10th September to raise awareness of essential tremor and funds for the NTF.

Merane, who suffers from essential tremor, ran the 13.1 mile run today raising a total of ¬£509.20.
On the day Merane wore a NTF T-shirt to raise awareness and chatted to a few runners about it along the course. One runner said to Merane that her mothers hand shakes but they have always just laughed it off. 
She said it was: "amazing day, was full of emotions. with so many people coming together to complete personal goals and raise funds and awareness for all different causes. The volunteers and crowds were fantastic with the streets lined with people all coming out to cheer on everyone."
If you would like to donate to Merane go to her fundraising page.