IMG 0344Diane is running two half-marathons

Runner Diane Peternel ran the Chesterfield Half-Marathon on Sunday 21 October and will be running the Ljubljana Half-Marathon in Slovenia on the 28 October to raise awareness and funds for the NTF and tremor.

You may remember reading about Diane, who has essential tremor, running the Liverpool Half-Marathon earlier this year. She now tells us about her next marathon challenge.

"I booked the Chesterfield (my hometown) half marathon a long time ago. A few months later I booked the Ljubljana one and it turned it to be the week after, oops! I usually have at least a few weeks in between. So when I heard there was also a 5 mile race in chesterfield I decided I'd do that to save my legs for next week.
"Anyway two days before the run I saw a picture of the medals and decided I was going to do a steady run/walk and get that medal!
"It was freezing when I arrived but such a beautiful autumnal colour morning with the sun shining it was hard not to enjoy it. Other than the last 4 miles which included a mile long slow uphill climb which was really tough on the tired legs but I got there. And when I did, all those thoughts of I'm never doing this again' ''why am I doing this' disappeared and as I stood watching fellow runners cross the line, including one with a guide to help them around due to not having sight in one eye and another with a medic due to his disability I felt incredibly humbled, after all I just shake a bit now and inspired to do it all again. That'll be next week then!"
Congratulations to Diane and we wish Diane the best of luck. To donate please go to her Virgin Money page.

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