steadymouse2 made in usaDiscounted ET computer mouse software for NTF members and friends

NTF members and friends are to get 22% off essential tremor computer mouse software, that helps with their tremors.

Hand tremors can make using a computer mouse nearly impossible. The unwanted motion not only causes difficulty homing in, but also accidental button clicks result in unexpected actions being taken as well. One can find their self in no-man’s-land pretty quickly and it’s extremely frustrating!

SteadyMouse set out to solve this problem. Anti-tremor filtering technology comes together with an accidental-click rejection system to restore order and make the mousing experience normal again.

The device makes the cursor settle down and become nice and stable. Enabling accidental click rejection, and rapid clicks are like they never happened. Real clicks get held the tiniest bit longer and become second nature in just a few minutes.

Founder, Ben, started SteadyMouse 2005 as a side project to help his grandfather with a neurological disorder. Thousands of hours of development, a decade of user feedback, and active engagement with the user community have brought to bear a fierce sidekick for users in the fight against essential tremor.

SteadyMouse 2 officially launched in October of 2016 and is now very stable and hitting an update cadence of a new release every few months. 

To order the software go to using the discount code: ntf22