20170315 121819The NTF raises awareness at Asda

On Wednesday, 15th March, as part of National Essential Tremor Awareness month, we were at Asda supermarket, Sutton, Surrey, raising awareness.

Customers shopping would stop by and pick up NTF info along with their shopping.

Most didn't know about essential tremor, however a few started thinking of family or friends and the symptoms of essential tremor.

Organiser Jackie Farrell, said: '‘We're welcomed to raise essential tremor awareness at Asda Sutton, for National Essential Tremor Awareness month. There was a lovely atmosphere there and people we interested in finding more about essential tremor and the symptoms.’'

We would like to thank Jackie, and Asda for letting us hold the awareness event.

The NTF is running a number of awareness events throughout National Essential Tremor Awareness month. Find out how you can get involved here.