weymouth 016Essential tremor awareness day Dorchester library, Dorset

Jackie Farrell NTF Support Group Coordinator shares her experience at the essential tremor awareness day Dorchester library, Dorset.

Situated in a great location by library entrance, the NTF information table attracted a steady flow of passing visitors.

With the exception of one person who jokingly asked "Is it connected to earthquakes?" the others either had essential tremor (including familial) themselves or knew someone with it. Each stopped quite a while to find out more about the disorder as most knew very little about it plus they shared their experiences. Almost all were told of their diagnosis and then basically left on their own with no other information.

A talk had also been arranged at 2pm which resulted in a lovely couple traveling 25 miles to be there. David the husband had recently been diagnosed and again didn't really know much about essential tremor. it was a perfect opportunity for me to spend quality time with David and his wife in a separate room.

Interestingly nobody that day had heard of National Tremor Foundation. However all took plenty of NTF literature away with them to distribute where they can. David took even more literature as their adult children were in the health or the medical field. It’s wonderful to think the word of essential tremor and NTF will be spread in and around Dorset. 

A special thank you to Kim Jones for her support with the day, also Dorchester library for making us feel so welcome.

Jackie Farrell, NTF support group coordinator.

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