Raising funds

The NTF maintains a continuous fundraising programme to help with the development of support groups throughout the country, and to provide finance for research projects.

Applications are regularly made to trust funds and commercial organisations for donations to provide revenue for the expenses of running the NTF.

Some members have been impressed by the internet shopping service with Affiliate Associates. By clicking on www.buy.at/tremor.org.uk - members and friends of NTF can go shopping at various sites with national names such as Comet, M&S, Zavvi, Next and HMV. All purchases are at usual costs but commission is paid to the NTF.

The Inland Revenue Gift Aid Scheme permits charities to reclaim income tax paid by individual taxpayers enabling 28p recovery for every pound donated. If donors are higher rate taxpayers they can benefit from tax relief as they can claim back the difference between the higher rate at 40% and the basic 20% rate on the total value of their contribution.

New membership application forms are sent to prospective members containing the declaration that the fee is to be treated as a gift aid donation. On a larger scale it is possible to make regular donations from the payroll of companies. These donations are made before income tax is deducted and therefore the staff member only pays tax on the net salary.

Donations of quoted shares gives the donor both capital gains and income tax relief at 40% on the share value.

Sometimes supporters leave a legacy for the benefit of the NTF which serves to reduce their estate liability to inheritance tax and full details are available from the NTF’s Team.

How can you help?

Introductions to employers by our members would be very welcome and Geoff Salmon, Fundraiser would be very happy to make contact with the company directors to discuss the possibilities of helping the NTF via their workforce.

Full details of this system are available on the internet via www.direct.gov.uk.

During these difficult times the NTF would be really grateful if you, your family members and friends could publicise the NTF’s work at your local community centres. Many charities around the country benefit from small events held by organisations such as the Scout s, the W.I., Rotary and Lion Clubs. The NTF would really welcome any support that you can provide in raising funding and awareness.

Adverts, Posters and Banners can be easily downloaded by clicking on the Promote Us page.These resources are available to help YOU to raise funds and awareness for the NTF.

If you or your friends would like to help the NTF in this way, please get in touch with the T Team at Head Office. We will be very happy to help in any way we can.