jamieGreat start to new support group!

The new Cambridge Support Group meet-up held on Saturday 3 November was a great success.

The support group organiser, Jamie Goodland, welcomed nine attendees from as far afield as Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire – as well as plenty of locals from the Cambridge area. They really enjoyed getting to know each other and several of us commented on how liberating it was to just be ourselves without having to explain why we were wobbly or worrying about how we might look shaking away with our coffee cups!

Stuart from GyroGear joined us to share the brilliant work the company has been doing in developing a gyroscopic device to make it easier for those of them with tremors to carry out everyday activities. They hadn’t been expecting a physics lesson, but Stuart treated them to a fascinating explanation of the science behind the device and how the gyroscope works to stabilise certain kinds of arm tremors. Attendees also had the chance to sign up to GyroGear’s trials to help get the device into action as soon as possible.

This being their first meeting, they met in a coffee shop in Cambridge as they weren’t sure how many people would be attending. Given how many people came, they will be booking a dedicated venue next time so that we can enjoy each other’s company in a quieter, less hectic environment.

Following this success they all agreed they wanted to meet up again and plan to arrange our next meeting for early 2019. They would love to welcome more of you along, and if you would like to be kept informed about our next meeting by email, please email essentialtremorcambridge@gmail.com.

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