Lord Fellowes visits St Marys Hospital to learn more about MR Guided Focused Ultrasound treatment

9 Jul 2018

NTF Honorary president, Lord Julian Fellowes visited St Mary’s hospital in Paddington on Thursday 5th July to see for himself the work done to date in the treatment for essential tremor and to learn more about the tremor lifeline appeal.

Imperial Health Charity launch

27 Jun 2018

The National Tremor Foundation were delighted to be invited to the Imperial Health Charity launch of a £1.5 million fundraising campaign to help develop a new treatment for patients with essential tremor.

NTF Secure large donation for campaign in Scotland

10 Jul 2018

The National Tremor Foundation have secured a donation of £40,000 towards a fundraising campaign at the University of Dundee to obtain a MR Guided focused ultrasound machine for the treatment of essential tremor.