Dear Editor

I wonder if it would be possible through your magazine to learn about the experience of other members on taking medication to control tremor ….I am particularly interested in Primidone.

An hour after taking just 1.5 mg (a quarter of a tablet) of Primidone I was completely free from tremor for the first time in my life. This wonderful state lasted an hour. Then when halfway through a meal in a restaurant I started to feel ill, sick and dizzy and my mind became suffused by rapid kaleidoscopic flashes of light, colour and memories. It was so overwhelming that I stayed in bed for the next two days.

As I had left the pharmacy with the Primidone and was walking through the shop the pharmacist left her dispensary and caught up with me to tell me to be careful not to drink any alcohol while taking the pills. Looking back I wonder whether there was any alcohol in the food I ate in the restaurant. Chefs tend to use red wine to enrich gravy for instance, but it did not occur to me at the time and it is too late to research this now.

I have since tried Propranolol but a month on the maximum dose did not affect my tremor, it just made me tired and miserable. I have also tried Gabapentin and this made my tremor worse!

So I return to thinking about the blissful hour that I had tremor free with Primidone.

(a) Could I take an even smaller dose than the quarter of a tablet I tried?

(b) Is there a particular ingredient that would on its own have the desired effect?

(c) Could I take Primidone if I stuck to home i.e. alcohol-free cooking?


I feel sure that there must be answers somewhere amongst our members.

Yours sincerely

Joyce Ashford