The wonders of modern technology and how it is helping people with tremor

Claire Gill talks about the advantages of using an Assistive Mouse Adapter

Having trouble with operating a computer mouse? Then try the Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) which helps to control the cursor. Having read about the AMA in the NTF magazine in 2006, I contacted the makers, Montrose Secam Ltd and spoke to the Director, James Cosgrave who explained how it could help with involuntary movements caused by tremor. I can honestly say that I do not know how I ever managed my computer without it!  It has been a great help to me – so much so that when purchasing a new lap-top, we purchased a second AMA. You need a different connection for a lap-top – a USB – and with the PS2 connection on my desk-top; I now feel I stand a chance of writing for publication again. The AMA, at £148 may seem an expensive addition but I find my high tech mouse controls are worth every penny! For more information see