iStock 88613773 tremorNew support group announced

We're pleased to announce that there will now be a new support group covering Salisbury and the south west.

The Salisbury and the South West Support Group, also known as the Movers and the Shakers will be meeting on Saturday 7th October, St Thomas' Church.

At 10.30am they will meet in St Thomas’ church in the city centre where there will be coffee, cake and second hand books.

At about 11.30am they take the ten minute walk across Harnham Meadows from where Constable did his famous painting of the Cathedral.

At about 12.00 (if we walk slowly) they reach the beautiful 15th century Old Mill at Harnham where they can have lunch. After lunch people are free to walk back into town, to visit the Cathedral, the market or many other attractions such as Mompesson House, Edward Heath’s house, Salisbury museum.

Everyone welcome!  Come and meet the Movers and Shakers in the south west of England.

For further details or to book in for lunch, please email Sheelagh Wurr on

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