Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers June meet-up. 

We were a select group of five today. Several members had sent their apologies. However, we may have been few in number but the quality was, of course, excellent.

Conversation included ‘disasters’ that occurred because of the shakes and then turned to ‘problem solving’ and how there is usually a solution to most problems. If you think hard enough you can nearly always find a way round. Mary suggested we produce another book which would be entitled, “Mushy Peas are not always the Answer.” Sounds like a good project!

We felt it might be time for some changes to our meetings. We will meet again on July 23rd but this time we will meet for lunch, rather than coffee. Val suggested the Fisherton Warehouse café and we will meet there at 12.30. I will ask them to reserve a table for us so it would be helpful if, nearer the time, members could tell me if they are able to come, so that we can give them some idea of numbers. I will send out a request for this information about a week beforehand.

At the next meeting we will discuss how we would like to continue and whether there are any activities we may like to pursue. In the past and before lockdown, we went to the theatre a couple of times, including the pantomime and also a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Salisbury Playhouse. We may wish to repeat any of those activities or people may have ideas about other things we could do. Val, who lives in Salisbury, suggested we might like to go and visit her newly acquired bees and learn about them.

Get your thinking caps on and I look forward to seeing you on 23rd July.


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