Salisbury support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers February meet-up.

Eight Shakers met for lunch in Charlie’s café, Salisbury, on Saturday.  Several had attended the conference in Bristol and were able to give a flavour of it to those who did not attend.

Sheelagh almost didn’t get any lunch, owing to a malfunction of the till and the rudeness of one of the staff.  However, all was well in the end.  The moral, we all learned, is ALWAYS ask for a receipt.  The food was delicious, as usual, but no plates of baklava this time!

Our next meeting will be in St Thomas’s on Saturday April 6th at around 10.30am when Mary and Sheelagh hope to have an update on the Gyroglove

(Assume that this date is going ahead.  I will contact you to the contrary if the room is not free)


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