Summer is here and many of you will be going on holiday. Planning and going away can be stressful. However, should not mean that you can't go holiday and enjoy yourself.

Here are our top tips to make going on holiday easier when coping with Tremor.

  1. Try to plan holidays ahead and work out what you want or need to do, and when is best to do it.
  2. Plan your journey so that you have plenty of stops to stretch and go to the toilet
  3. Check what facilities are available where you will be staying and book appropriately, e.g. if stairs are a problem, ensure there a lift available or choose a ground floor room.
  4. Sunflower lanyards. Wearing a sunflower lanyard at some UK airports such as Heathrow enables staff to recognise that you have a hidden disability without you needing to declare it. This allows you to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need any additional support during your journey.
  5. Before arrival, identify where the nearest hospital and pharmacy are to where you are staying. Pre-book any assistance you may need, for example reserve a wheelchair at the airports to avoid long walks or waiting in queues.
  6. Try to learn the phrase ‘I have Essential Tremor’ in the language of the country you are visiting.
  7. If travelling between time zones, plan in advance how you will adapt your medication.
  8. Ensure that you have plenty of medication, and include some in your hand luggage.
  9. Take spare prescriptions, any health insurance policy numbers, and a list of emergency contact numbers.
  10. When at the airport take frequent rests and give yourself plenty of time so you are not rushing and doing things at the last minute.
  11. Take gadgets with you that save you time and effort.
  12. Don’t be afraid to discuss getting help from family and friends.
  13. Bring a suitcase that has wheels.
  14. Pack a long handled combs, brushes and sponges.
  15. Avoid wearing loose fitting sandals.

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