NTF Advisory Panel

The NTF advisory panel are here to help all our members with their medical questions. If you wish to ask a medical question please email enquiries@tremor.org.uk with your question.


Professor Leslie J Findley, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Adviser


Currently I am the senior neurologist at the Essex Neurosciences Unit, Queen's Hospital, Romford, Essex and Professor of Health Sciences (Neurology) at London University South Bank. My clinical and research interests include movement disorders and fatigue syndromes.

 During the late 1970s, and 80s, my major research interest was on the essential tremor (ET) in terms of measurement, analysis and pharmacology which I carried out at the National Hospital, Queen Square. During the 1980s and 90s, I collaborated with the late Professor Bill Koller from Chicago, and subsequently Kansas City, USA; we both had the idea that there should be an international charity for tremor (in fact, I think I suggested it first!). Bill Koller founded the International Tremor Foundation in the US, and the National Tremor Foundation UK was a subsidiary. It soon became apparent that there were many advantages for having an independent national foundation in the UK, and in 1994 the National Tremor Foundation (UK) was founded. Our ambition was to provide support, information, education and fund research into tremor disorders of all types. During that time our numbers have grown slowly and steadily, and we are now entering the most exciting phase of development in our short history. 

I have been on the Board of Trustees, and one of the medical advisers since the foundation started in 1994. The Board of Trustees now is strong and united, as is our small, and very efficient, headquarters staff. Our immediate plan is to develop and expand our website, publications and our communications, to launch us, in the next two years, into our most exciting phase of development.


I have been Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and one of the medical advisers since the Foundation started and I look on the Foundation as a growing "family". The Board of Trustees now is strong and united, as is our small, and very efficient, headquarters staff. Our immediate plan is to develop and expand our website, publications and our communications, to launch us, in the next two years, into our most exciting phase of development.

Lizzie Graham, Communications Advisor, National Tremor Foundation

I am the Executive Director of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and have worked in the voluntary industry for nearly 30 years within the field of Parkinson’s disease. 
Since 2007, I have served as an Advisor and Trustee with the NTF, and during that time the voluntary sector has changed considerably due to the economic crash in 2008, and the development of a variety of communication channels,  especially social media and digital communications. During 2016, the NTF embarked on updating its existing website to ensure that it can meet the ever-changing demands of modern society. To this end, the NTF appointed a digital content manager to ensure that the NTF can compete in the ever changing communication landscape. 
By harnessing modern technology, and the important communication skill-sets provided by the digital content manager, it  is hoped that 2017 will see the NTF grow and develop so that it can better support the more than 1 million people in the UK living with the many forms of Tremor, and their families.
I hope that some of the lessons I have learned in the voluntary sector will help with the growth and expansion of the NTF. I am proud to be working with an excellent and committed group of people.


Dr Peter Bain MBBS MA MD FRCP, Board of Trustees, National Tremor Foundation & Clinical Advisor

bain.jpgDr Bain is currently a Reader & Honorary Consultant in clinical Neurology, within the Division of Neurosciences at Imperial College London & Charing Cross Hospital.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Association of British Neurologists, Movement Disorder Society, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

An international authority on tremor, Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorders and deep brain stimulation, Dr Bain has authored over one hundred peer reviewed papers, reviews and editorials, 3 books and 13 book chapters.

He is a renowned speaker at over 100 congress, presentationing at national and international congresses including the European Congress of Neurology, World Congress of Neurology and World Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders.

Dr Bain has been a trustee to the National Tremor Foundation having co-founded the charity with Professor Leslie Findley, to facilitate knowledge of tremors, research into tremor and the care of people living with tremors.

My sincere hope is that over the next few years the National Tremor Foundation will grow to become a strong and positive force in the lives of people with tremor.


Geoff Salmon, Fundraiser

After retiring from a long career in Financial Services, I became the principle fundraiser for the Foundation. Within this time I have worked on a wide range of initiatives for the foundation, and have raised over £400,000 since 2009. In addition to these successes, I also manage the general office routine. 

My interest in tremor grew after learning about the work of Peter Bain and Professor Findley. Since then I have been an active member of the board and helping the foundation grow.

I am really excited about the future of the foundation and look forward to expanding on my work and identifying further opportunities.


Duncan Crossland, Marketing ManagerMe

As a marketing advisor I have worked within the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors for almost 10-years.  It’s a pleasure to bring my expertise in marketing and raising awareness to the NTF.

These are exciting times to get involved in the NTF, with new developments. It’s great to see the NTF develop and progress whilst making a difference to people’s lives.

I can be contacted on duncan.crossland@tremor.org.uk.

Jackie Farrell, Support Groups Coordinator

jackieI have had essential tremor since I was in my 20s. However at the beginning of 2014 I discovered March was ‘ET awareness month’ and since then I have been running the London and South East Support group and taken every opportunity to raise and spread awareness of tremor, through talks and events. I have now been appointed Support Group Coordinator and I look forward 'to helping the NTF move forward through new challenges'.

For anything regarding support groups I can be contacted on jackie@tremor.org.uk 

Anjum Misbahuddin, Medical Adviser

Dr Misbahuddin qualified in Medicine with Honours from the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London, where she also completed a BSc in Genetics. Her clinical neurology training took place at King’s College Hospital, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery,  and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre in Sussex and Queens Medical Centre Nottingham. Her PhD research was in molecular aspects of dystonia at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

She is Consultant Neurologist the Essex Centre for Neurological Sciences at Queen’s Hospital Romford. She leads the movement disorder service there and sees patients with tremor, dystonia and parkinsonian disorders in her clinics and also runs the botulinum toxin and Deep Brain Stimulation services. She is an active Principal Investigator in a number of clinical trials. She is currently Clinical Lead for Neurology at the centre.

Huw Morris

huwHuw Morris is a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at UCL and Consultant Neurologist at the RoyalFree Hospital and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.  His clinical and research training took place at the National Hospital, the Mayo Clinic and the Western Pacific island of Guam. He was a PSP Association Clinical Research Fellow.  His main interests are Neurogenetics, Movement Disorders and Dementia.  
He is currently engaged in projects studying clinical aspects, genetics and therapeutics of PSP, Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia and tremor.  


Tom Hughes

Dr Tom Hughes trained in the Royal London Hospital and after qualification in 1987 worked in (nearly) every hospital east of Whitechapel (Mile End, Barking, Chadwell Heath, King George in Ilford, Romford, Southend) before moving back to Wales in 1990.

His time with Professor Findley in Romford was good preparation for registrar jobs, and research with Professor Mark Wiles in Cardiff where Tom has been a consultant since 1999.  

His interests include the neurology of speech and swallowing, acute stroke, and the interface between diagnostic and enablement neurology.