NTF News

Charles M. Schulz at Somerset House

28 Feb 2019

Get your last chance to see Charles M. Schulz, creator of Charlie Brown exhibiting at Somerset House. Charles M. Schulz had essential tremor which the characteristic wavy lines can be seen in his later drawings.

Start spring with a boat cruise in Scotland

27 Feb 2019

With the days getting sunnier, and warmer, why not start spring with an essential tremor Loch Ness boat cruise?

NTF awarded funding from The Prudential 

15 Feb 2019

The Prudential have awarded the NTF £1,000 to help with venue hire and travel for developing support groups in UK.

Great start to 2019 for the Shakers

28 Jan 2019

The Salisbury Shakers had a great start to 2019 with their first meeting held at St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury on Saturday 26 January.

Merane’s 10-event challenge: The Brass Monkey half-marathon

16 Jan 2019

On Sunday 13 January Merane successfully ran The Brass Monkey half-marathon as part of her 10-event challenge to raise funds for the NTF and awareness tremor.

Help aspiring designer produce her pen for tremor

8 Jan 2019

18-year old A-Level Product Design student, Olivia, is creating a weighted pen for people with essential tremor.

The Christmas newsletter is now available!

19 Dec 2018

The Christmas newsletter is now available for NTF members to read.