1644 1Jackie invited as speaker at Disabilities and Neurological Study Day

NTF Support Group Coordinator Jackie Farrell describes her day as a guest speaker at the Physical Disabilities and Neurological Study Day in Southampton on Monday 16th July 2018.

I was pleased to have been invited to share my personal experiences with essential tremor and explain in more depth about one of the most common, but lesser known neurological movement disorders. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate how my hands, head and leg tremors affect my daily life including trying to cope with simple tasks such as eating and drinking

The Study Day organised through Hampshire Neurological Alliance and Hampshire County Council was held at King's Community Centre, Hedge End, Southampton.

Invitations had been extended to occupational therapists, social workers and staff working in health, social care or the voluntary sector which resulted in a full capacity audience of 80 people.

Although some of those present had heard of essential tremor or knew someone with it, there were a few that had no knowledge of it. One lady with familial essential tremor had taken the day off work to attend the presentation and a mother mentioned her 19 year old son had recently been diagnosed. Both were interested in the familial essential tremor study being carried out by Professor Hawkes.

Q&A was interesting including “had essential tremor ever been misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s”. Easy to answer as I personally knew of one such person and had heard of others being misdiagnosed.

It was also a good opportunity to introduce Alyson Farr chair of NTF Orthostatic Tremor Support Group who explained about this even lesser known tremor disorder.

A remarkable day not only for raising awareness of essential tremor and orthostatic tremor but also National Tremor Foundation too, with the exception of three or four, no one else knew of the charity. The NTF information table attracted much interest with people taking plenty of literature that will surely help spread the word. Pleased to say NTF have now been added to a few online health services in Hampshire & surrounding areas. 

We would like to thank the organisers for the invitation and making us feel so welcome.

Jackie Farrell

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