1659Raising awareness in Hampshire

Alyson Farr, Chair of the Orthostatic Tremor Group shares her experience of raising awareness at the Neurological Study Day in Southampton.

On Monday 16th July 2018.   I was invited by Jackie Farrell, the essential tremor coordinator, who introduced me to the organisers, to share part of her allocated time to a explain about orthostatic tremor and raise the awareness of this neurological condition.
The presentation was through the Hampshire Neurological Alliance, linked with PaCT (Partnership in Care Training).
It was organised by Hampshire County Council to organise a 'Physical Disabilities and Neurological Study Day. Empowering, Enabling and Supporting Independence. The venue was the King's Community Centre at Hedge End, Southampton. The invitation had been extended to occupational therapists, social workers and staff working in health, social care or the voluntary sector.
Jackie Farrell was the lead speaker and did a fantastic job in describing her life with essential tremor some of those present had heard of essential tremor or knew someone with essential tremor as it has been known to be misdiagnosed as Parkinson's.

Would you believe that no-one attending the Study Day, and I am talking about over 80 people present, who have a close involvement with people having neurological disorders had never heard of orthostatic tremor.

Well they have now, there was a good response of interest and found those present very friendly. I was able to make other contacts with therapists and support group members within the Southern Region. Whilst talking to 'CONNECT TO SUPPORT' Hampshire, they offered to add the NTF Organisation to their website. Other regions also have contact branches offering help, care and support. I will be following these up in due course.
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