Reflections 2014 - ET Awareness events

by Jackie Farrell

In 1974 when diagnosed with Essential Tremor in my hands, I was told it was not a very common condition.  So I was very surprised forty years on at the beginning of 2014 to learn that ET was said to be the most common neurological movement disorder,  estimated it could be up to 8 times more common than Parkinson’s! How could this be, when so few people know of this neurological disorder? ET had by then progressed to my head, legs & jaw making many daily tasks a real challenge. I also discovered that March was ET awareness month.  The International Essential Tremor Foundation had designated 22nd March 2014 as a day to walk for awareness of this life-altering condition.  

With this in mind my yoga teacher agreed to organise  mindful walking at her yoga studio where I attend.

The Mindful walking was such a success that raising awareness was something I was keen to continue with. These are a few more events arranged during 2014.


Launch of Facebook page "Living Life with Essential Tremor"

Complementary Therapy Day that raised £225 in aid of the National Tremor Foundation.


Cyprus ET information table











While on holiday in Cyprus staying at ‘Lordos Beach Hotel’, for one day only I organised my first public “Essential Tremor” awareness day.  As I know the owners & staff they kindly supported my request and set up a table in the lobby where I had ET information on display. The interest was amazing with people from various countries asking about this disorder.


Sutton Library ET event

The success of the information table in Cyprus gave me the confidence to arrange another event.  This time it was a three day ET Awareness table at our local library in Sutton, Surrey, UK. There were many people visiting the stand, most had never heard of Essential Tremor.  Interestingly there were even people from the health care profession who did not know of ET, but were definitely keen to find out about it and add the name to their list of conditions.


Kingswood Big Band

The Kingswood Big Band kindly agreed that at their Dance the raffle would be in aid of the NTF.  I was already involved with helping at the gig as my husband Tony plays double bass in the band.  The raffle raised a staggering £454 for the NTF. Equally important, it was a golden opportunity for me to give a talk and raise awareness of ET and hand out information. How wonderful to think that all those people who attended could potentially spread the word to family & friends in many different locations!

Kingswood Big Band dance

I would encourage anyone to give it a go and arrange their own ET awareness event. I’m more than happy to share my experiences.  Yes it can be tiring, but definitely worth all the effort providing you have plenty of support.

I am looking forward to arranging more ET events.

Details can always be found on my Facebook page: Living Life with Essential Tremor