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Get involved in research into designing a product to aid with makeup application

31 Oct 2019

A Strathclyde University Masters student is designing a product to aid with makeup application for those with hand tremors

Take part in research into the brain processes involved in essential tremor

8 Oct 2019

Take part in a research study which aims to further understand the brain processes that are involved in essential tremor

Essential Tremor patient survey

26 Jun 2019

The National Neurology Patient Experience Survey 2018/19 results have been released

Volunteers required

8 Apr 2019

The Experimental Neurology Group at the University of Oxford is looking for volunteers with tremor

Support the Scottish campaign for Focused Ultrasound

28 Feb 2019

Support the Scottish Tremor Society's campaign for Focused Ultrasound in Scotland

Hand-stabilising glove team shortlisted for Science Start-up of the Year

14 Nov 2018

Wearable tech Imperial startup, GyroGear, were finalists of Science Startup of the Year at the Falling Walls conference in Germany.

by Stephen Johns

Imperial College London

Do people with tremor live longer?

26 Oct 2018

Take part in research to discover if people with familial essential tremor live longer.

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