20180218 143244Support group success!

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February, the Salisbury Shakers and London and SE support group both held tremor support events in Salisbury and Southampton.

At the Southampton support group meeting an amazing 43 people came to discuss their experiences with tremor. At the newly formed  Salisbury 13 people turned up at St Thomas’s Church for their third meeting.

The London & SE was huge success with a mindfulness session guided by Support Group Coordinator, Jackie Farrell, that was well received and the group benefitted.

Jackie said: 'They were a fantastic and interactive group. Lots of  good things came from the event including the husband of a tremorer putting together two essential tremor promos for Chichester Hospital Radio where he's a presenter. One is about the Oxford event and the other will be a shorter one for essential tremor in general. He's just sent me an MP3 of the Oxford promo.'

At the Salisbury Shakers meeting Steve Minott introduced people to a short session on mindfulness and demonstrated ways in which they could relax. This was followed by a visit to Weatherspoons for lunch and a matinee performance of the play, 'Murder, Margaret and Me', at the Salisbury Playhouse.

Following this success we look forward to the Oxford tremor meeting on the 17th March.