Research with Plymouth UniversityPlymouth University are looking to recruit participants for an exciting new dissertation research project!

Are you interested in a possible new treatment for essential tremor?

Would you like to try a new strategy using Kinesiology tape?

Yes? Then you may be interested in our new and innovative research.


"Investigating the impact of home applied kinesiology tape in essential tremor and functional ability. A feasibility pilot randomized control trial."

What is the study about?

As there is currently very little treatment to help those with essential tremor manage their symptoms, this study aims to investigate whether kinesiology tape is effective in improving the performance and ease of functional tasks and if it could be used to dampen down essential tremor and help sufferers cope with symptoms.

To take part you must:

  • Be between 18-65 years old.
  • Have a diagnosed action tremor affecting your dominant hand.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from any of the following health conditions, you will be unable to take part in this study:

  • Heart failure
  • Upper limb deep vein thrombosis
  • kidney problems
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • decreased skin integrity
  • allergy to acrylic
  • any kind of current or previous injuries to your hand.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated. You would be requested to answer a set of questions via the internet and if you are eligible to take part in the study, you will be sent a package containing a pre-cut Kinesiology tape and instructions, 3 simple handwritten tasks and a questionnaire. You will need to wear the tape for 48 hours, then you will be asked to return the questionnaire and the handwritten tasks back to us via a free post envelope.

The study is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.

Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. (Data Protection Act 1998)

if you wish to participate please follow the link below:

Any additional questions then please don’t hesitate to contact using the email:

We look forward to hearing from you.