The Journey Welcome Pack & Resources

Description of Essential Tremor (ET)
A description of essential tremor can be found on our website. You can also download our Essential Leaflet or contact the office for a free print copy

Sample press release
Spread word about your journey. Using our sample press release write about how you are raising awareness and your personal story so you can send the press release to your local press.

Sample information for Virgin Money Giving
Our sample information for Virgin Money Giving will help you write about The Journey and tremor.

Facebook flyer
Promote "The Journey" on social media.

  • Upcoming event

    Summer Tea Party
    1st Aug 2021 12:00am

    Raise awareness of tremor and celebrate summer your way and meet others. Why not have a picnic with your friends, a BBQ with your family, or tea and scones in the park.

    When meeting others people ensure you follow Government Covid guidelines

    summer web

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