logo desktopThe Orthostatic Tremor Support Group announce new leader

The previous leader of the OT support group, Jenny Beckingham, has retired due to illness.

At the meeting of the group held at Brentwood on 16th June voting for a new leader was about to commence when one candidate withdrew from the election process leaving only one candidate, namely Alyson Farr who has been a member of the group and friend of the NTF for more than 15 years.

The group therefore are pleased to announce that Alyson is the new leader of the Group and we offer a warm welcome to her.

Alyson will take the group forward into the future and will work tirelessly to improve and maintain contact between members and to make the group more effective in raising awareness.

Alyson will shortly form a committee of members with different skills and responsibilities to help her to keep the group together.

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