iStock 490305560Top six tips for eating

People with essential tremor, often find eating difficult. In some cases people may find themselves avoiding social activities, such as going for meals or even out with friends to the pub.

As part of National Essential Tremor Awareness month, we are sharing our top six tips for eating.

  1. Use a footstool if your feet do not comfortably rest on the floor when seated to eat
  2. Try using cutlery that has specially adapted handles which are angled or weighted for ease of use, or ‘rocking’ knives that can be used one handed
  3. Specially weighted cups can help reduce tremor
  4. Use a straw (if possible with a one-way valve to prevent liquid going down again) and don’t overfill cups
  5. Try raising your plate on a book or box so that the distance your hand has to travel to your mouth is shorter
  6. Try using a special keep-warm plate that stops food cooling so quickly, or microwave food mid-meal when it becomes cold to ensure food remains appetising. Some plates also have angled, high rims to prevent spillage and make it easier to get food onto cutlery.

Find out how you can get involved in National Essential Tremor Awareness month here.