image donateTop tips for living with essential tremor

It is National Essential Tremor Awareness month – and those who suffer or knows someone who suffers the condition will know how hard it can be.

We will be sharing our top tips to make daily lives easier.

Top ten tips

  1. Don’t multi-task – do one thing at a time
  2. Set priorities so the most important things are comfortably achieved
  3. Take frequent rests between tasks and alternate more tiring jobs with easier ones
  4. Delegate any heavy jobs and don’t overdo it
  5. When possible try to plan ahead and work out what you want or need to do, and when is best to do it
  6. Concentrate on one thing at a time, breaking down complex tasks into smaller parts if necessary
  7. If something is proving too difficult, stop, rest, and try again later
  8. Cut down on unnecessary chores around the home and plan daily, weekly or monthly jobs, keeping a manageable list handy
  9. Try not to worry if you don’t get all you wanted done.
  10. Work out what help you might need and when, and don’t be afraid to discuss getting help from family and friends.