RCAGet involved in research to help people with essential tremor paint with light

A small team of us have been developing a system that would allow people with essential tremor (ET) to in essence, 'paint with light'.
It uses machine learning/AI to digitally mitigate the inconsistent tremor pattern, predict and output the intended gestural movement into a digital and then subsequently, a physical 'painting'. 
The overall project intentions are clear and simple:
  • To allow people with ET to draw/paint again
  • To raise awareness of ET
  • Where possible - raise money for ET research 
It is in the early stages but looks very promising to be able to allow people with ET to draw, paint and importantly, write and sign their name. It is a challenge Microsoft attempted in 2017 with Emma's watch, but was a singular solution and unable to roll out to help multiple people. 
With rapidly developing technology and capabilities, we have now found, in principal, a far more beneficial solution. The artists would not need to wear a special watch, they would simply paint/draw in space, with their tremor present, but the visible output would negate it. 
Much as any other person would or could!
To begin with - we are urgently looking for people with ET for physical testing and resume the development phase. We are based in East London and need to find 4-5 local 'artists' willing to join the project (or prepared to travel). 
It would require 2/3 trips:
  • Physical assessment, current physical painting using brush etc. These physical constraints will help inform the tracking/AI digital processing and brush qualities. 
  • Testing phase. Once the system is running, to test, collaborate and fine tune.
  • Output. To create 2-3 works to showcase at an exhibition launch event in June 2020. 
Please email christine.roman@network.rca.ac.uk to discuss further if this is something you would be interested in!