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Get involved in National Essential Tremor Awareness Month 2019

11 Jan 2019

March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month, and this year the NTF wants to make it bigger than ever. Find out how you can get involved.

Merane’s 10-event tremor challenge!

9 Jan 2019

Merane is taking part in 10 different sport challenges this year to raise funds and awareness of tremor.

Support the campaign for focussed ultrasound in Scotland

21 Nov 2018

Mary's campaign for focussed ultrasound in Scotland continues. 

Mary's fight for tremor

15 Aug 2018

Read about Mary from the Scottish Tremor Society, her experience with essential tremor and campaign in Scotland.

NTF Secure large donation for campaign in Scotland

10 Jul 2018

The National Tremor Foundation have secured a donation of £40,000 towards a fundraising campaign at the University of Dundee to obtain a MR Guided focused ultrasound machine for the treatment of essential tremor.

NHS urged to invest in scanner to combat tremor condition

18 Mar 2018

An Inverness grandmother with a rare condition that gives her the shakes and fear of ridicule from insensitive strangers is urging health chiefs to invest in special equipment to help sufferers.
The Inverness Courier

Support ultrasound thalamotomy in Scotland

4 Oct 2017

People in Scotland are campaigning for ultrasound thalamotomy

Surgery that could cure shaky hands

11 Jun 2017

A million Britons suffer from uncontrollable shaking. Selwyn Lucas, 53, a painter and decorator from St Austell, Cornwall, talks to Sophie Goodchild about undergoing a pioneering treatment.

Sophie Goodchild, Daily Mail

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