AdobeStock 52742328At work with tremor

With people coming back from their holidays going back to work, some people with tremor will want to know what adaptions they can make at work. 

Some people may wish to talk to their employer about their condition to see what adaptions can be made to their workplace or work routine. These adaptations can vary from simple adjustments to their computer mouse to changes to their work patterns.

Below are our top tips to make working with tremor easier.

1)  Make sure your workstation is comfortable!

Simple changes to your work station can make working easier and will ensure you have a comfortable working environment. Using writing and grip aids and keyboard guards may help you steady the tremor. Or try using an ergonomic desk set up with arm supports. These reduce the stress placed on hands allowing you to work without fatigue.

2) Consider using essential tremor computer mouse software

There is now more technology around to support people with neurological conditions. Hand tremors can make using a computer mouse nearly impossible. The unwanted motion not only causes difficulty homing in, but also accidental button clicks can result in unexpected actions being taken as well. However, computer software provided by companies such as Easy Mouse can make using a computer mouse easier to use.

3) Try using voice recognition software to reduce the stress of typing

Voice recognition software from companies such as Dragon enables fast, accurate dictation and transcription that aids you to browse the internet and create documents. With voice recognition software you can edit and format documents by voice – quickly and accurately, all whilst reducing the physical stress of typing.

4) Consider using a hands-free phone

Hands-free phones will reduce the amount of typing that you do, allowing you to perform. Some phones now have built in dictaphones so you don't have to write down notes.

5) Talk to your employer about changing your work pattern to reduce fatigue

By scheduling time to rest you are able to reduce fatigue. Some my may regular breaks or shorter lunch break so that you can leave earlier will help.

Some employers offer or consider a flexible working hours to help with your condition.

6) Use specially adapted utensils on breaks and lunch

With hand tremor it can be difficult to handle cutlery and drinking from cups. Equipment such as all in one knife and forks and cups with extra large grips can be bought online or from mobility centres. 

7) Talk to your employer about making mobility easier

This could involve minimising the amount of walking required when at work by centralising your work station with other equipment you may need to use regularly.

You may ask your employer if you can have parking close to place of work, so you don't have to walk too far.

8) Get advice and shop around

Your physiotherapist will be able to give you specialist advice on your options and needs for buying equipment. You will also find that the internet has a wealth of affordable equipment that will make your life at work easier.

Do you have your on tips or questions about tremor and work? Then get in touch.