The National Neurology Patient Experience Survey 2018/19 results have been released. 

The report produced by Quality Health shows the percentage of patients by condition.

Reading the columns of figures
The results are shown firstly in absolute numbers, then as percentage responses for both Essential tremor and Nationally¹.

The percentages are calculated after excluding those patients that did not answer that particular question. All percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number. When added together, the percentages for all answers to a particular question may not total 100% because of this rounding. The number of patients that did not answer a particular question is shown as the ‘missing’ figure at the bottom of the actual number of responses. On some questions there are figures which are italicised. These figures have been recalculated to exclude responses where the question was not applicable to the respondent’s circumstances. For example, question 3 regarding quality of life where those not answering (“Missing”) and those answering "Don't know" have been excluded.