Leave a gift in your will and make a lasting legacy that will help fund supporting people with all forms of neurological tremor.

Sometimes supporters leave a legacy for the benefit of the NTF which serves to reduce their estate liability to inheritance tax and full details are available from the NTF’s Team.

Types of gifts

The different types of gift you can leave are: 

  • Residuary gift
    This is what remains of your estate, once other gifts and payments have been made. A residuary gift will keep pace with inflation meaning you are able to choose what proportion of your estate is left to friends, family or charity.
  • Pecuniary gift
    This is a set amount of money, the value of which may decrease over time due to inflation.
  • Specific gift
    A particular item, this could be anything from a piece of jewellery to furniture or property.

How to leave a gift in your Will

1. Work out the value of your estate

Make sure that you include property, investments and any debts.

2. Choose your beneficiaries

Choose the people or charities you'd like to remember in your Will. 

3. Choose your executors

Appoint the individuals responsible for ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled. They will be named in your Will.

It's a good idea to name at least 2 people as executors. Before doing so, check they are happy for you to do this. You can name a bank or solicitor as an executor if you wish.

4. Arrange to see a solicitor

It's important to ask a legal professional to draw up your Will to ensure your wishes are properly carried out.

You can find solicitors in your area who specialise in Wills, probate law and tax law on the Law Society website

To include a gift to National Tremor Foundation simply take the following details to your chosen solicitor or professional Will writing partner:

National Tremor Foundation
Harold Wood polyclinic
St Clements AvenueHarold Wood

Charity number: 1042013

5. Keep your Will somewhere safe, and let us know about it

Your solicitor will often look after it for you, but you may wish to retain your own copy too. Tell a relative or close friend where the original copy of your Will is stored.

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