Fundraising Challenges

Take part in a fundraising challenge - whether that is a 5K run or the London Marathon! We are looking for people to inspire others, raise awareness of tremor and funds for the NTF.

Why raise awareness of neurological tremor?

  1. Essential tremor is considered as one of the most common neurological movement disorders.
  2. Essential tremor affects over one million people in the UK, 10-million in the USA and millions more worldwide. 
  3. Essential tremor is a progressive neurological disorder. At least 5% of all cases of essential tremor are in childhood. 
  4. It is estimated that 60% of all cases are inherited.
  5.  Essential tremor is often confused with Parkinson’s. Essential tremor is estimated to be 8–10 times more common than Parkinson’s.

Five reasons to fundraise for the NTF

  1. We are the only charity supporting all forms of neurological tremor
  2. The NTF runs over 30 support group events a year
  3. We have lead the campaign for Focused Ultrasound on the NHS
  4. We provide support for over 100,000 people a year!
  5. We have a network of people with neurological tremor in over 50 countries worldwide!

Further information

Fundraising for NTF via Virgin Money Giving


We are aware at the NTF, that some of our members or their friends would like to raise funds for our charity through sponsorship.  Whether it’s running a marathon or sitting in a bath of baked beans, we know all fundraisers give their all to raise money for the cause close to their hearts.  However, the monitoring and collection of such sponsorship funds can be difficult and can deter some people.

In an attempt to possibly raise much needed funds, the NTF have now set up a fundraising facility for all our members and friends who want to raise money for the NTF. Fundraisers simply have to create their own fundraising page linked to the NTF and any potential sponsors can simply donate online.  As an added incentive to donate through this method, if they are a taxpayer Virgin Money will reclaim the Gift Aid on our behalf. Therefore a donation of £10 through this website will generate funds of £12.50.

For the ardent fundraisers the Virgin Money Giving website gives fundraisers the following facilities free of charge:

  1. A fundraising page for life and keep the same web address for every event you take part in
  2. You can create a basic page in 10 minutes then customise it and add your own content, photos and links
  3. Sign up and pay your entry fee for organised charity events registered on Virgin Money Giving
  4. Email friends, family and colleagues with a link to your page – they’ll be able to sponsor you securely online in a couple of clicks
  5. Create personalised thank you messages from your sponsors
  6. Fundraise with friends or colleagues as a team

If anyone has any fundraising ideas in mind, please feel free to contact us here at the NTF and we will gladly advertise your activity on our website and facebook page, so that if anyone wants to donate nationally they can simply donate online.

Please visit and our dedicated page for more information on how to set up your own fundraising page or make a donation.

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    4th Dec 2021 10:30am
    Celebrate the start of the festive period with our fun event and advent calendar countdown to Christmas. Expect games, team quizzes and social chat with others with neurological tremor including those with essential tremor and orthostatic tremor.

    Why not put on a Christmas jumper, a Santa hat, or wear your sparkly outfit? 

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