We aim to provide help, support and advice to all those living with all forms of neurological tremor, including essential tremor and orthostatic tremor.

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    Wellness Wednesday
    6th Dec 2023 11:00am

    Jackie will be repeating her introduction to Mindfulness.

    Have you ever wanted to find out more about Mindfulness, but not known where to start? Then we invite you to join Jackie Farrell who will explain simple ways to apply Mindfulness into your daily life.The session is suitable for anyone, so why not take the opportunity to make this a “Wellness Wednesday”.

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Challenge events

The National Tremor Foundation secures a number of places for major runs each year, including the Royal Parks Half Marathon and The Great South Run.   Why not take on the challenge and run to raise awareness of neurological tremor?


#ActionOnET is the leading UK campaign for Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) technology on the NHS for the treatment of essential tremor.

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