Daily Living

Tremor can affect the way you carry out a broad range of everyday activities, from working and driving, to simply eating and brushing your teeth. But by embracing some changes in your approach to activities, you can maintain independence and continue many of your usual routines.

Accepting lifestyle adaptations and focusing on what you can do, will enable you to continue to complete everyday activities and enhance your enjoyment and quality of life.


Tremor can cause a number of communication difficulties: speech, facial expressions, handwriting and body language are affected in many people.


Many people find alcohol is an enjoyable part of their life, but too much can cause problems and worsen tremor

Helpful hints

Some helpful hints that may make your daily life easier in coping with Tremor.

Diet & nutrition

It is important for everyone to have a well balanced, healthy diet, but for those with Tremor this is particularly important.


Although some people do find that their driving is affected by their symptoms and the medication they take, many others continue to drive safely for years after diagnosis

Keeping a diary

Keeping a diary can be very helpful in monitoring how Tremor affects you and how you respond to your medications


Some people with tremor may find some physical activities challenging, however a small amount of exercise can bring benefits in health and fitness


The effects of living with Tremor reach beyond the patient, and will affect the daily lives of family and friends too

Work and retirement

One of the first questions after diagnosis may well be “how long will I be able to continue working?”
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