The Salisbury Shakers had a great start to 2019 with their first meeting held at St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury on Saturday 26 January. Salisbury Shaker's Organiser, Sheelagh shares her story of the fantastic day.

Ten members met for coffee in St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury.  We were delighted to welcome two new members, Val and David Evans who had travelled in from Bristol.

Our meeting followed its usual format; after coffee we went into our little private room where it is quiet and easier to talk and then we went to the Red Lion for lunch.

It was lovely to see each other again and it seems that there is never a shortage of things to talk about.  Mary is learning to use Nordic poles which, she says, are great for helping her balance.  Di explained how joining a gym and attending regularly, has really helped her tremor.  Susan told us how she was trying to reach the jam at the bottom of a jar and the whole glass bottom broke off, leaving her in a ‘sticky situation’! 

Our other Val had sent apologies because she is away and  Anne and ‘Mushy Peas’ Steve were unwell and unable to join us today but we were delighted to receive an email from Steve while we were having lunch.  We send them both best wishes for a speedy recovery.

After lunch some of us went along to the Guildhall which was hosting a ‘Health and Wellbeing’ day.  We made our presence felt and offered to provide a display the next time they hold such an event.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 9 March – same time, same place!  I look forward to seeing you all there.

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