In this exclusive interview the creator of a tremor-reducing glove talks about the innovative invention that has the potential to transform millions of lives

A team of students from Imperial College London are hoping their tremor-reducing glove called GyroGlove will transform the everyday lives of millions around the world living with Parkinson’s. After winning £10,000 from the inaugural F Factor – an award launched by X Factor judge Simon Cowell and the Founders Forum – they are ready to make their concept a reality. Here, founder Faii Ong, 26, speaks about the device’s potential to give people with Parkinson’s a helping hand.

How does the GyroGlove work?

"The glove uses gyroscopes. Spinning tops are a good example of gyroscopes, which keep themselves upright via spinning. Similarly, we take discs and spin them faster than a jet engine, coupling them to the hand. The spinning discs resist movement, with an overall effect that feels like moving your hand through viscous treacle. It thus allows for movement, whilst stabilising tremors. The GyroGlove uses intelligent electronics to track the progress of the disease, displaying the information on a smartphone. We intend for this to offer patients, families, carers and doctors unprecedented insight into the disease."

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