A Pakistani startup company has built a smartwatch for tremor patients, which will help them in diagnosing the severity of the disease and also judge the impact of prescribed medication.

Tremors is a neurological condition in which the hands, head or legs of the patient shake unintentionally.

Trequant's Tremor Quantifying device not only helps in effective self assessment but also keeps doctors and families updated with reports, reads a statement on the product's website.

The company says that the main motivation behind designing the smartwatch was to manufacture a "device that draws no attention to it and definitely does not look like a medical aid".

"The device looks like a conventional wrist-watch. This protects the patient’s privacy and saves them from intriguing questions by onlookers."

One of the challenges to effective treatment for tremors is diagnosing the severity and judging impact of prescribed medication - Trequant's smartwatch solves that problem.

This device will not only help in diagnostics but also in guiding therapy, moreover, it's very practical, handy and useful."
Dr. Maimoona, Head of Neurology Sciences Department at Shifa Hospital

The device tracks tremor patterns via kinetic sensors and transmits the data to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

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