The Christmas season can be a busy time of fun and good cheer. But for people with neurological tremor, it can be particularly challenging - with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, cold weather and limited medical support.

To help ease our preparing for Christmas coping tips will make the season a time to be jolly.

Wrapping presents

Wrapping presents is an art, but if your hands shake this can be very frustrating!

  1. Look for square or rectangular presents or using square boxes for wrapping presents can help. 
  2. When wrapping use a stabalised cello-tape holder.
  3. Try to use thick wrapping paper. 
  4. Gift bags can help or find shops that use a gift wrapping service.
  5. Buy online and get them to wrap it for you. Shop on Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate to the NTF, at no cost to you!

Writing cards

Writing cards is a great way to reach out to those you care about over Christmas, but if you have difficulty writing this can be particularly challenging.

  1. Send e-cards.
  2. Print out or photocopy addresses and Chrsitmas greetings to sticky labels.
  3. Consider using a signature stamp.
  4. Write your cards the best time for your tremors.

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is a great way to get you in the festive spirit, but with busy shops, getting around can be a stressful experience.

  1. Start your Christmas shopping early -  try to avoid rushing and doing things at the last minute.
  2. Go shopping with a friend - this is a social outing whilst also helping maintain mobility.
  3. Choose a time when the shops are not busy. Ask someone to go for you when you really feel unable.

Keeping warm

The cold weather often worsens tremor - so make sure you keep warm this winter!

  1. Wrap up warm. Wear several layers of clothes rather than one chunky layer – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat.
  2. Carry a hot water bottle and portable heat pads which can be useful for extra warmth – especially if you’re going on a journey.
  3. Bring a flask. When travelling around you may want to bring a flask of hot drink such as soup or hot chocolate to keep you warm.
  4. Keep your home warm. Keep your curtains open during the day to let in heat. Make sure windows are closed and close doors to rooms that are not in use.
  5. If you are eligible see if you can get a Winter Fuel Payments to help cover your heating bills over the festive months.
  6. Get your heating checked regularly by a qualified professional.

Keeping active and healthy

WIth the days getting shorter and colder - it is easy to forget to keep active and healthy.

  1. If you can, stay active – moving about will improve your circulation, generate heat and make you feel better. This could be a nice gentle walk on Boxing Day or a walk in the countryside.
  2. Take care when walking through icy conditions as slippery paths and pavements can be unsafe for anyone, but you should take extra care if you have mobility problems or suffer from dizziness or balance problems.
  3. Consider getting a Covid and/or flu  jab - find out from your GP if you can get your jab for free on the NHS.
  4. If you take medications - with pharmacies closing for the Christmas break make sure you have plenty of  supplies and keep all medical contacts in a list.

We hope you enjoyed our Preparing for Christmas coping tips. For more tips explore our daily living advice or attend one of our coping tips events.

Do you have any coping tips that help you over the festive season?
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